Complementary Program

The activities encompassing the complementary program add to the academic core of CLAIMS_2023. They seek to convey a general impression of everyday life at Heidelberg University, enriching the experience of the participants, and fomenting the creation of an open, friendly, and creative study and research environment. The participants will learn about opportunities for a doctorate or a postdoc at Heidelberg and may establish contacts with faculty and staff and researchers.

And, of course, CLAIMS_2023 will offer activities to explore the cultural and geographical surroundings of the city of Heidelberg. 

The complementary program of CLAIMS_2023 includes the following activities:

Monday, February 27th: Welcome and introductory session [EE1]
Ceremonial opening and welcome address by the CLAIMS_2023 organization committee.

Tuesday, February 28th: tour of the historic center of the city of Heidelberg 
The historical and magical essence that impregnates every corner of the city is something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime! Participants will be able to explore Heidelberg’s streets and experience the unforgettable wonder the city has to offer.  

Thursday, March 2nd: Discussion panel – Study and research in Germany [EE5]
This forum will offer participants an excellent opportunity to learn more about opportunities and possibilities for them to pursue their research carriers at Heidelberg University! For this purpose, the panel will count with the participation of representatives from institutions directly connected with scientific research at the University.

Friday, March 3rd: Fare-well meeting [EE6]
Join us for our festive closure of CLAIMS_2023 event.